Zoom has quickly become one of the leading software applications for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across all devices and systems.
At Prospettiva Art Tours we have decided to use Zoom for its advanced functionalities, simplicity of settings and user-friendly interface.

Using Zoom to attend our lectures and virtual tours is straightforward, fast and safe.

Getting started might seem daunting at first if you have never used it before, but you can follow the instructions below which will walk you step by step through the process of installing Zoom, registering and taking part in the Zoom meeting on the date you have booked.



Download Zoom from https://zoom.us/download.

On April 27 Zoom released Zoom 5.0. This new version provides increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. After May 30 all Zoom users with older versions will be required to update the Zoom app before joining meetings.  Do ensure you have upgraded your Zoom to the 5.0 version - it's very easy to do. zoom.us/download




When you book one of our lectures you are automatically registered to the Zoom meeting thanks to the app integration which occurs during the booking.
You will receive an automatic email with the Zoom meeting details which looks something like this:

Keep this safe as you will need to open the “Join this meeting” link on the day of the lecture.

You can also add the meeting to your personal calendar using the link "Add to calendar", which will register the event on your calendar application of choice.




You will receive regular updates reminding you of the event you have booked.




The meeting link will be active 30 minutes before the beginning of the lecture to ensure everyone's connection is working properly.

5-10 minutes before the lecture starts, open the “Join this meeting” link (see above) you received at the end of the email with your booking confirmation and ticket.

Depending on your operating system, you should see a pop up window appear which looks like this:


If you're using Windows, click on Open Link making sure that Zoom Meetings is highlighted as the preferred application.


If you're using Mac, click on Open zoom.us, and the application will launch automatically



You will then be asked to enter the meeting with a window that looks like this (the Meeting number will be generated automatically).
You can sign in with your Zoom account or enter your name. Make sure your name matches the one used when you booked as an attendee.

You will enter a waiting room and will be then admitted to the meeting by the host.

Your video and microphone will be automatically turned on when you enter the meeting.

The meeting room will open 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the lecture, during which time the host will assist you with any technical issues you might have. There will be a few minutes to allow everyone to introduce themselves, after which the host will turn off attendees' microphones.

At the end of the lecture you will then be able to turn on your microphones again for the Q&A session.




At the end of the lecture there will be a 30 minute Q&A session during which you can interact with the lecturer and the other participants.
You can type questions during the lecture in the Chat box which you can open by clicking this button in the Zoom window:


Depending on your screen size, the Chat button might be hidden away in the "More" menu which you can access by clicking on the three dots:


This will open the chat window in a side panel next to the Zoom screen.
At the bottom of the side panel you will see a number of icons representing various actions.
If you would like to ask a question, click the Raise Hand button and the host will turn on your microphone so that you may ask your question directly.
We have decided to use this method in order to minimise background noise and prevent multiple people speaking at the same time which would create confusion.


We recommend participating using a large screen in order to make the most of the video and photo content that will be used during the lecture. You will also need a stable and fast internet connection. We recommend a connection with a minimum speed of 5.0 Mb/s to enjoy the streamed content in HD.

Check your junk or spam folder in your email if you don't get your ticket when you book. If you have accidentally deleted your email or you cannot access it, get in touch we will send you a new email with the link to attend the meeting

While you wait for the lecture to start you can test your computer's audio and microphone settings with the "Test Computer Audio" button. You can try this before the start of the lecture.

Before the start of the lecture there will be a brief introduction of Zoom's main functionalities and instructions on how to type questions during the lecture in the dedicated Q&A box. You can then relay this live with your microphone at the end of the lecture;

If you would like to test Zoom before the lecture you can follow this link and try using Zoom's dedicated testing page: https://zoom.us/test

Make sure you have downloaded Zoom's latest version. As of June 1st you must now be running Zoom 5.0 or later versions.

If you have any extra queries do check Zoom's support page which has great resources and clear instructions https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

Should you have any queries or need any assistance setting up Zoom and accessing our lectures, get in touch at info@prospettivatours.com


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