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The Brilliance of Roman Engineering: “Waypoints: L’Aqueduc de Nîmes” – Monday 26 April

Monday 26 April





With James Colledge and a foreword by Dr. Eireann Marshall

While the Pont de Gard remains one of the most photogenic and well known segments of any Roman aqueduct, the rest of the structure carrying water to Nimes is less discussed, though in many ways as interesting. There are currently over 7 kilometres of visible traces of the original aqueduct of 50 kilometres – of which the Pont du Gard is a mere 245 metres. This virtual tour, based on original photos and footage taken by James Colledge over the last three years, tracks the progress of the aqueduct through this sometimes challenging terrain, from its source in Uzès to its point of distribution in Nîmes. The famous sites sit in public parks or on established walks and are clearly marked; the majority simply exist, waiting for an audience, unprotected and as accessible as one’s tolerance of thorns, brambles, mosquitoes and unintended descents into hidden depressions allows.

In addition to exploring the course of this aqueduct, we will be considering the colossal engineering behind the construction of structures such as this. We will be examining questions such as how Romans were able to calculate exact gradients over such vast distances.

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Our virtual tours cover a wide array of historical and art-history topics, ranging from antiquity to the early modern period. We explore a variety of historical topics, from the every day life in ancient and early modern cities to representations of power. Exploring both world famous sites and those unknown to most, these lectures will bring history and the history of art to life through tailor made HD filming, as well as perceptive lecturing and lively discussions.

The virtual tours last 60 minutes followed by another 30 minutes of Q&A with our lecturers who will be delighted to answer any of your questions live.

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James Colledge

Originally from the Scottish Borders, James Colledge used his career as a Chartered Accountant to travel the world. It’s a journey that has included stints living in Yorkshire, Canada (Calgary and Vancouver), Russia (Moscow) and the USA (Houston, Texas). Soon after receiving a ‘real’ camera as a birthday gift at the age of 12, one of his photos was included in the annual school exhibition: a picture of the Pont du Gard. A camera has never been far from his side since then. Having left the corporate world behind to settle in Uzès, not a stone’s throw from the above-mentioned monument, he now invests more time in photography, bringing with it long-term projects, daily interactions and of course the possibility of exhibiting and selling his work.

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Date: 26 April 2021

Start time: 18:00 GMT

End time: 19:30 GMT

Venue: Zoom Lecture


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