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Sicily Series – The Jewel of the Mediterranean: Sicily from the Greeks to the Normans – 26 May – 2 June – 9 June

Wednesday 26 May; 2 June; 9 June


With Dr. Eireann Marshall

The largest island of the Mediterranean, Sicily has invaded and colonised by a host of peoples from antiquity to modern times, resulting in a unique blend of cultures and a treasury of remains not seen elsewhere. In this series of lectures, we explore Sicily from its peak in the Classical Greek period, when the island was home to some of the richest cities in the Hellenic world, to the wondrous, brief period under the Norman period.

Please note, these events are sold together as a series. By purchasing the event you will receive a ticket with details on how to join each event. If you are unable to attend any one of the lectures, recordings will be available for up to 10 days after the event.

Day 1 – Wednesday 26 May – Sicily in Antiquity: The Violent and Creative Greeks and Phoenicians
In the first lecture, we will explore the magnificent temples and theatres in Agrigento, Selinunte and Segesta, built as a display of opulence. Vying for importance on the western part of the island, the Phoenician cities, including the stunning island of Motya, both fought against and were influenced by their Hellenic counterparts.

Day 2 – Wednesday 2 June – The Glorious Mosaics at Piazza Armerina
In the second lecture, we will explore the cultural fusion which is also evident in Sicily’s most famous late antique villa at Piazza Armerina whose superb collection of mosaics were fashioned by North African artists. In this lecture we will be explore this unique site, which has the largest collection of in situ mosaics anywhere in the Mediterranean.

Day 3 – Wednesday 9 June – Normans and Sicily in the Brilliant Age of Cultural Fusion
In the third and final lecture, we will be exploring that brief but brilliant period of Sicilian history in which Arabic and Norman artists combined to make some of the most interesting palaces and churches in the Mediterranean. We will be exploring the gem that is the Capella Palatina, as well as the staggering Monreale, both shimmering in Byzantine mosaics and Moorish wall decorations.

Spotlight Lecture

Lasting 60 minutes plus a live Q&A session, our spotlight lecture offer a focussed study of aspects found in art, history and literature while combining our exclusive filming, advanced visual aids and the enthusiastic expertise of our lecturers.

Your Lecturer

Dr Eireann Marshall

Dr Eireann Marshall is a Research Associate and Associate Lecturer with the Open University. She has published a number of articles on Ancient North Africa, and co-edited volumes on 'Death and Disease in the Ancient City' and ‘Women’s influence on Classical Civilisation’. Eireann has led many tours for specialist tour operators, to Italy and North Africa. In 2019 she was awarded Wanderlust Magazine's Top History & Culture Guide at its World Guide Awards.

Event Details

Day 1: 26 May 2021

Day 2: 2 June 2021

Day 3: 9 June 2021

Start time: 18:00 GMT

End time: 19:30 GMT

Venue: Zoom Lecture


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