Pertinax: The Son of a Slave Who Became Roman Emperor – Monday 1 March

Monday 1 March

With Dr Simon Elliott

Pertinax, the first emperor in the Year of the Five Emperors in AD 193, was the son of a former slave who proved that no matter how lowly your birth, you could rise to the very top. Born in AD 126, he made a late career change from working as a grammar teacher to a position in the army. As he moved up the ranks and further along the aristocratic cursus honorum, he took on many of the most important postings in the Empire, from senior military roles in fractious Britain, the Marcomannic Wars on the Danube, to the Parthian Wars in the east.

In this lecture, based on his recently published book on the subject, Dr Simon Elliott brings this previously untold story about a fascinating and important figure out of the shadows.


Our Biographies series of lectures offer an in-depth look at the life and works of artists from experts in the field.

Our experts will provide new insights into the artists' best-known works while also drawing attention to others that might be less familiar. Each presentation will be accompanied by carefully chosen visual supports, in the form of high definition photos and videos. 

Your Lecturer

Dr Simon Elliott

Dr Simon Elliott is an award winning and best selling archaeologist, historian and broadcaster. He is an Honorary Research fellow at the University of Kent, Trustee of the Council for British archaeology, President of the Society of Ancients, an Ambassador for Museum of London Archaeology and a Guide Lecturer for Andante Travels. Dr Elliott has published numerous books on themes related to the ancient world.

Event Details

Date: 1 March 2021

Start time: 06:00 p.m. GMT

End time: 07:30 p.m. GMT

Venue: Zoom Webinar


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