Spotlight Lecture

Enemies of Rome – Hannibal – Wednesday 9 February 2022

With Dr. Eireann Marshall

Trying to vindicate Carthage’s defeat in the First Punic War, Hannibal expanded his city’s power in Spain before famously crossing both the Pyrenees and the Alps with elephants and a powerful army which he hoped would bring Rome to its knees. His victory over Romans at the famous battles of Trebia, Lake Trasimene and Cannae are still studied today for Hannibal’s audacious tactics. Terrified of his skill, Romans defeated Hannibal by not fighting him and allowing him to flounder in Southern Italy. Had more Italians defected to him and had his brother Hasdrubal succeeded in bringing him reinforcements, the course of Roman history, and with it European history, may have been very different.

Spotlight Lecture

Lasting 60 minutes plus a live Q&A session, our spotlight lecture offer a focussed study of aspects found in art, history and literature while combining our exclusive filming, advanced visual aids and the enthusiastic expertise of our lecturers.

Your Lecturer

Dr Eireann Marshall

Dr Eireann Marshall is a Research Associate and Associate Lecturer with the Open University. She has published a number of articles on Ancient North Africa, and co-edited volumes on 'Death and Disease in the Ancient City' and ‘Women’s influence on Classical Civilisation’. Eireann has led many tours for specialist tour operators, to Italy and North Africa. In 2019 she was awarded Wanderlust Magazine's Top History & Culture Guide at its World Guide Awards.

Event Details

Date: 9 February 2022

Start time: 18:00 BST

End time: 19:30 BST

Venue: Zoom Lecture


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