Art and Poetry

Art and poetry

Join our experts for live virtual tours and lectures which you can enjoy from home.

These lectures look at how Art & Poetry have influenced each other over the centuries, and how events can provoke artists and poets alike to produce astounding words and imagery, the impact on us penetrating and unforgettable.

Our experts will provide insights into poets' and artists' best-known works while also drawing attention to others that might be less familiar. Each presentation will be illustrated by fabulous high definition images of paintings and poems alike.

Small groups with maximum 20 participants to ensure maximum interaction.

Streamed live, these lectures will bring our experts' passion and expertise straight into your home, with exclusively created content specially prepared for each online eveent. At the end you will have the chance to interact live with our experts who will be happy to answer any questions for a truly interactive and engaging experience.

Individual Lectures

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