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Traveller Information on Covid-19 Emergency Measures in Italy


Information for travellers

The travel programs proposed by Prospettiva Art Tours comply with regional, national and international government measures in force at the time of their planning. On-site service providers will follow the safety protocols adopted in compliance with the laws in force in the country of destination, which travellers will be required to comply with.

Following the restrictive measures put in place by the individual states to contain the contagion from CoVid-19, the services offered may present limitations in the use of the facilities indicated and / or changes in the performance of the programme and the standard services provided.

As an example:

- in case of difficulty in the reopening of some planned hotel structures, these will be replaced with others of the same category, if available;

- depending on any new rules for access to places of interest, some visits may be cancelled or replaced with others;

- limitations on the maximum number of passengers on means of transport could be introduced.

In the event of changes affecting the services provided, the fees may be subject to variations. However, we will do everything possible to keep the quotes and itinerary unchanged.

Before booking and departure, the traveller undertakes to check the official general information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the website

It is also advisable to constantly monitor the provisions in force on transport and the possible presence of travel restrictions related to the pandemic of a national, European and international nature, through the following channels:

Emergenza COVID-19 - Misure di esenzione, Linee Guida e Note Informative ENAC

Joint EASA-ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol issue

Updated WHO recommendations for international traffic in relation to COVID-19 outbreak

Re-open EU

EASA  COVID-19 Travel Information

World Health Organisation

Travelers are informed that starting from May 24, 2021, all passengers wishing to enter Italy will be required to fill in the PLF, before entering the national territory, following the instructions on the website

From 6 August 2021 (DECRETO-LEGGE 23 luglio 2021, n. 105, art. 3), on the Italian national territory, the digital green certificate Covid-19 (Green Pass), or equivalent certificate* recognized by the Italian authorities, is necessary, for all people aged 12 and over, to access:

- any type of restaurant service indoors;

- sport shows, events and competitions;

- museums, institutions and places of culture;

- swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers, spas, theme and amusement parks, cultural and recreational centres, gaming and casino sales;

- fairs, conferences and congresses.

Starting from 1 September 2021 (Legislative Decree 6 August 2021, n.111, art.2), the Green Pass or equivalent certificate is required to embark on:

- planes;
- ships and ferries for interregional transport (excluding connections in the Strait of Messina);
- Intercity and High Speed ​​trains;
- buses for interregional transport;
- buses for rental services with driver.

The Green Pass, for use on the national territory, must certify that they have had at least one dose of vaccine or have tested negative for a molecular or antigenic swab in the previous 48 hours or have been cured of COVID-19 in the previous six months.

For more information on the Green Pass: Please note that a certificate attesting to the administration of the first dose of a two-dose vaccine (with the second dose still awaiting administration) is not sufficient for the purpose of entering Italy from abroad.

For the experimentation of covid-free tourist corridors, certification certifying the cure or completion of the vaccination cycle is required, in addition to the protocol with the obligations envisaged therein for the presentation of tests (

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