Roman Emperors

Understanding Emperors through their Palaces

Five Spotlight Lectures: Augustus, Nero, Domitian, Hadrian, Diocletian

Wednesdays at 6pm BST

With Dr Eireann Marshall

Five-Part Series Starting Wednesday 30 March

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The virtual tours are set on a backdrop of high quality videos and photos in high definition that provide a fully immersive experience, allowing to see art and artworks in the finest detail.

Our virtual tours cover a wide array of historical and art-history topics, ranging from antiquity to the early modern period. We explore a variety of historical topics, from the every day life in ancient and early modern cities to representations of power. Exploring both world famous sites and those unknown to most, these lectures will bring history and the history of art to life through tailor made HD filming, as well as perceptive lecturing and lively discussions.

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